This month, graduates will celebrate their hard work and well-deserved degrees, but many students have also gone out of their way to earn a minor as well. Sayoni Nyakoon will pick up minors in Leadership Studies and Education.


“I’m happy to give a face to dancers who do it even though they have another option. At the same time, I don’t want to make it seem like something its not.”-Nuni Snowden

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University of Colorado

"Q. In addition to your already heavy workload in humanities and leadership studies, what was it that attracted you to education?

My father immigrated from Liberia, West Africa and in that country, education isn't a guarantee, it’s a privilege. Because we moved a lot as a family, I also saw how unequal the quality of education in schools very near to each other here in the U.S. can be. For these reasons I was draw to education as a vehicle for rectifying some of our society's ills and its potential for stopping the cycle of poverty. My mother instilled a strong work ethic in me and stripped away any sense of entitlement I may have had — for these reasons I've never shy away from work — and I do appreciate her for it. Because of both my parents I'm graduating magna cum laude and attending graduate school with a generous scholarship. 


The Daily Mail

"Stripper reveals how she earned up to $80,000 A YEAR from the lucrative job, as she details the ups and downs of the risque career, which she used to fund an unpaid internship."


NZ Herald

"...Sayoni Nyakoon, who at the time was studying for her undergraduate degree in Denver, Colorado, first got into the business when she took it up as a summer job aged 20....

Sayoni, who now lives in New York, was motivated by money - taking home an average of $573 per night before tax for working six hour days, four times a week..."

The Press Magazine

Issue 3

“As an African American woman with non-straight hair, Nuni was only landing stripping gigs at Queens clubs, which have an aggressive environment, demanding managers and patrons who prefer “twerking” to “talking,” …rather than see strip clubs close, leaving women out of jobs, she would have preferred to see owners make changes so the clubs could remain open. “Closing them down just leaves a lot of the dancers out of work,” she said, “especially if their bodies or overall appearance doesn’t fit the criteria to dance at strip clubs in Manhattan.”